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Techint in Italy takes a new step in the LNG business: an agreement with the US company that owns the IPSMR liquefaction technology broadens its prospects on the small/medium-sized liquefaction plant market.

Techint in Italy and Chart Industries (USA) signed an alliance to develop LNG liquefaction plants. Chart Industries holds the patents on the IPSMR natural gas liquefaction technology and is the leader in the design and fabrication of natural gas liquefaction equipment. IPSMR technology permits construction of modular liquefaction plants with very competitive costs and times compared with traditional liquefaction trains.

Under the agreement, LNG Chart Industries will provide technology, basic engineering and critical cryogenic equipment for projects, through its Chart Energy & Chemicals subsidiary, while Techint in Italy will build plants on a turnkey contractor basis. As a result Techint in Italy will be able to count on IPSMR technology to market and build small and medium liquefaction plants up to a capacity of 2 million mt/y in Africa, the Middle East, South America, Europe and the former Soviet Union, expanding its LNG product portfolio.

The agreement is an important enhancement of the Techint in Italy LNG product portfolio. It is also a first step toward a future EPC involvement in natural gas liquefaction, where Techint in Italy has been a successful construction contractor to date.