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Techint Engenharia e Construção S/A

Rua Tabapuá 41, Piso 14, Itaim Bibi

(04533010) San Pablo, SP

Tel: (55) 11 2137-6000 | Fax: (+55 11) 2137-6023

Av. República do Chile, 330, Piso 19, Torre Oeste - Centro

(20031-170) Río de Janeiro, RJ

Rua Ponta do Poço, s/n - Balneário Pontal do Sul, Pontal do Paraná PR. Zip code: 83255-000.
Tel: +55413511-2249

The company

In 1947, Techint Engineering and Construction began its path in Brazil. The office established in the city of São Paulo would be the first step of a history of responsibility, care and contribution to the development of the country.

During over 65 years of work, the company has developed approximately 1,100 projects in a successful manner, as a result of a close partnership among its employees, customers and surrounding communities. This workflow is Techint’s key to success in the sectors it operates.

The company is also responsible for the implementation of over 8,000 km of pipelines, which account for about 60% of the network installed in the country. Techint is also proud to say that it has worked in all Brazilian State refineries, helping in their expansion and modernization. It also operates in several projects in the sectors of Oil&Gas, Petrochemical Plants and Refineries, Mining, Energy and Industrial Plants.

The company works within the highest standards of safety and quality, always seeking to add competitiveness to local content. In addition, in each project it develops, Techint in Brazil maintains a policy of a close relationship with the communities, developing the local labor and social projects aimed at the sustainability and opportunities for future generations.


The company's commitment to excellence is proven through the continuous investment in innovation, training and technology. An example is the expansion of Techint’s Offshore Unit (UOT), in Pontal do Paraná, which in 2012 received and investment of about US$ 300 million, increasing its capacity from 120 to 200 thousand m2. The extension also included the implementation of new administrative units and technical training schools, as well as the construction of a 300 m wharf, with capacity for mooring of FPSO’s and Semi-submersible Platforms.

In addition to the administrative headquarters in São Paulo, the company also has a sales office in Rio de Janeiro and an Equipment Management Park, in Arujá, where the Training Center of Techint in Brazil is also located, fully equipped and with capacity to host about 100 people for trainings and lectures.



  • Delayed Coking Unit and Coke Yard (Comperj)
  • WHP-2 Platform (OSX)
  • Fabrication of modules and integration – FPSO P-76
  • Angra III Nuclear Power Plant


  • Catalytic cracking for Landulpho Alves Refinery (RLAM).
  • Coking Units and cooling towers for Replan Refinery.
  • PRA-1Well Head Platform Jacket.
  • GASDUC Gas Pipeline.
  • Maintenance of Campos Basin platforms (Macaé).
  • H2S and HDT Units of RPBC gasoline portfolio.
  • HDT Units and Hydrogen Generation of RLAM diesel portfolio.
  • Crude Oil and Raw Water Tanking Units of Northeast Refinery (RNEST).
  • Slurry Pipeline (Samarco).


  • Children and Adolescent Comprehensive Care Center.
  • Macaé II Maritime Terminal.
  • Arara Polo Oil and Gas Processing Unit.
  • REPLAN Diesel Hydrotreatment Unit.


  • Reduc Oil and Gas Pipeline – Duque de Caixas, 250 and 252 km length, respectively.
  • Pampo maritime platform modules.
  • Rio-São Paulo Gas Pipeline.


  • Ambel Oil Pipeline, from Rio de Janeiro to Belo Horizonte, 358 km length.
  • Iron Pipeline for Samarco Mining.


  • Barra Bonita Hydroelectric Power Plant.
  • Coke Tanks for Duque de Caxias Refinery.
  • San Sebastián maritime terminal.


  • Oil pipeline system for Santos-Jundiaí railway, 280 km length.
  • Salto Grande Hydroelectrical Dam of Santo Antônio River.
  • Candeais-Camacari Oil Pipeline, 62 km length.