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We actively contribute to sustainability, social and economic development, establishing mutual benefits with the communities where we execute our projects, some of them among the most diverse populations and complex environmental conditions around the world.

We're convinced that local development adds value to the company, having this belief among the foundations of our corporate culture. Our employees all around the world contribute to the enhancement of the communities’ quality of life, sharing knowledge, experience and best practices.

We promote educational values and foster self-reliance by helping strengthen the quality of education, rewarding academic performance and improving local infrastructure. We also play a role in promoting health campaigns, supporting integration through art and culture and providing social services and assistance during emergencies.

Our areas of action include:


This is the are that receives the largest investment from the entire organization.

Our priority is to facilitate access to quality eduation for children and youth, contributing with a comprehensive training and development.

We support programs that promote the continuity of education for students in social vulnerable conditions and reward the commitment of those who stand out in their academic performance. Some examples are:

  • Merit Scholarship in studies for high performance secondary school students in Mexico and Chile.
  • Infrastructure improvements and donation of supplies to various schools surrounding our projects in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.
  • Safe School educational campaign in Poland.
  • Internship program for vocational schools students in Italy.

The company has also a long tradition in sponsoring and encouraging quality industrial education throughout different actions. The human resources that can promote the industry and technology are critical for the economic success of a country. However, in many countries, the need for these resources is not met because increasingly fewer youngsters are deciding to study engineering and applied sciences.

With the aim of addressing this issue, in 2005, the Techint Group established the Roberto Rocca Education Program, an initiative through which scholarships are awarded to talented university graduate and postgraduate engineering and applied sciences students.

These scholarships are designed based on academic and professional achievements, leadership potential and commitment to the economic and industrial progress of the student’s country of origin.


We invest in infrastructure and equipment for health institutions and we participate in campaigns to sensitize out communities and employees about personal care. Some examples are:

  • Drug abuse prevention program in Brazil.
  • Donation of equipment to the Universidad de Buenos Aires public hospital and Blood Givers Program for Children´s High Complexity Hospital Garrahan in Argentina.
  • Health promotion and disease prevention program in Mexico.

Social inclusion and sustainability

We share knowledge and resources to stimulate individual and community development of areas close to our projects, convinced that self-sufficiency leads to improvement of quality of life and environment. Examples are:

  • Technical training workshops for temporary employeees in Peru and Brazil.
  • Talks on domestic violence and women’s empowerment in Peru.
  • Training program for community leaders in Brazil.
  • Recycling programs in project sites and offices in Argentina, Mexico and Chile.
  • Assistance to families affected by force majeure events in Chile.